Ashley did a great facial for me! I feel very relaxed and my skin looks beautiful! The massage was just wonderful! I really enjoyed it! Thank you!
Julie – Golden Mask of Cleopatra Facial – February 2015

Amazing body work! I’m almost in tears because I’m not having unbearable pain! Tears of joy! I can take a breath without pain and move my head. Thank you. You are awesome.
Angela – Massage Client – January 2015

This was an excellent deep tissue massage, better than the spa’s I have been to. I would like to request Lance for my next session.
Diana – Deep Tissue Massage Client – January 2015

Not your average massage!! Outstanding left foot massage, all around terrific – thank you. Instead of a student I would have thought this is a very skilled, experienced pro.
Erica – Massage Client – December 2014

Loved that Sam covered the whole face – lip area and nose creases. Very thorough. Great job on the use of the brushes. She has a wonderful technique and I was very pleased with Sam and my facial. Thank you.
Linda – Skin Resurfacing Facial Client – December 2014

Erica did a wonderful job. This being my first facial, I asked lots of questions. She explained everything to me. It was wonderful, relaxing experience! Can’t wait to come back.

Teresa – Mango Facial Client – December 2014

Very professional. Was as good a facial as I had at spas on Cruise ships and spas!
Vicky – Green Tea Facial Client – October 2014

First facial – would definitely recommend and plan on having more. Face feels great. Was expecting to be red and burning after – feels smooth and energized. Experience really outweighed my expectations. A great job!
Dawn – Lavender Facial Client – October 2014

A wonderful experience. Helped relax. What a wonderful job the school is doing.
Bonnie – Soothing Facial Client – September 2014

It was an amazing experience! Very relaxing and my skin feels great. Thank you for offering this and I will certainly come for more facials.
Carlisle – Facial Client – September 2014

She knew exactly what she was doing and explained each step to me in detail. She was very catering to how comfortable I was and if I was happy. The hand and arm massage was amazing and felt fabulous! The facial was very relaxing and my skin looks and feels awesome. This was my first time here and I’ll certainly be back to see Lauren!
Bridgett – Facial Client – September 2014

The technique with the hands used on the face was amazing. I have had many facials but what you teach the girls here is state of the art.
Cindy – Facial Client – September 2014

Nicole was excellent – I’ve had facials at the Hotel Hershey that weren’t as good or professional as this experience. Thank you!!
Susan – Facial Client – July 2014

Jenn did an excellent job with the facial especially since this was her first time!! May I request her again?
Ronnie – Coffee/Espresso Facial Client – May 2014

Great job and awesome first time Circadia facial.
Sally – Circadia Cocoa Enzyme Facial Client – May 2014

Excellent. My first experience has been rewarding. Thank you Morgan.
Myrna – Mask of Joy Facial Client – May 2014

Excellent therapy session. I have been to many spas, Emerald Springs, Florida, Hershey. She was professional, strong and very personable & kind. Thank you for an informative and helpful body treatment. This was my first time here and I will come again.
Boni – Massage Client – May 2014

Wonderful job of explaining all of the steps. Amazing massage and application skills. Many thanks.
Amanda – Soothing Facial Client – May 2014

Student explained each step in detail.
Monica – Circadia Cocoa Enzyme Facial – May 2014

Gloria did an amazing job. She was competent and professional throughout. She has a wonderful “bedside manner” that makes you feel very special ad lucky to be being worked on by her. All elements of the facial felt so good. She explained every part of the process and made me feel comfortable and pampered. I enjoyed Gloria and my facial immensely!
Leigh – Indulgent Facial Client – May 2014

Excellent job. Was first facial! Will certainly be returning!
Anisha – Green Tea Facial Client – May 2014

Relaxing but also invigorating. Comparable to any “professional” facial I’ve ever had.
Judy – Indulgent Facial Client – May 2014

Very relaxing facial, overall great experience! Can’t wait to reschedule!
Elysia – Chocolate Facial Client – May 2014

Gloria’s facial was so soothing & relaxing it’s hard to believe this was her first day of clinicals. Great Job!!
Cara – Spa Facial Client – May 2014

The best massage I have ever had. Each body part she worked on seemed to sink into the table.
Marilyn – Massage Client – April 2014

Kelly was amazing. She was so professional and confident as if she’s been doing this for years! I can’t wait to come back. She recommended the eye treatment for next time and I am anxious to try that.
Kim – Champagne Facial Client – February 2014

Loved this facial! Michelle did an amazing job. Her technique was fluid & she was very professional. Thank you.
Deb – Soothing Facial with Vitamin C/Oatmeal Enzyme Client – February 2014

This was absolutely wonderful! I have had facials and massages many times (for more than triple the cost) and this was one of the best! Sally was great!
Tara – Soothing Facial and Eye Treatment Client – February 2014

This is exactly what my body needed! Monica has a good firm touch. I really liked the foot work. She took care with my problem areas. My muscles were stimulated. Everything felt wonderful!
Shari – Massage Client – February 2014

Trish was excellent!! She did a fantastic job!! Very pleased. One of the best facials I’ve ever had. Thank you!!
Deb – Oxygen with Enzyme Facial Client – January 2014

 Shaquora was very professional and caring. A very professional stylist! Love her!
Gale – Color and Cut Client – January 2014

I am so happy! My facial was so relaxing and my skin looks beautiful. Lisa is wonderful and does a great job.
Julie – Facial Client – January 2014

She was very good at letting me know what was going on and making sure I was comfortable. My face feels great!
Kristi – Oxygen Chocolate Enzyme Facial Client – January 2014

Enjoyed every minute I was here. Mary Kat took very good care of me & checked to make sure I was comfortable. Love my new do! Thank You very much.
Trina – Cut & Style Client – January 2014

Alyssa is a very good, self-assured student. She did a very good, professional hair service.
Sandy – Color & Cut Client – January 2014

Steph explained everything as she was doing everything. She is very knowledgeable about all the treatments. I was very impressed with this entire program. Thank you Steph!
Paige –Champagne Facial Client – November 2013

I enjoyed my facial today. Have had several before at spas and felt Abby did a wonderful job. Thank you.
Katie – Soothing Facial Client – November 2013

Is she is an y example of what is to come this will be a great class. Just all around good for new student.
Judith – Champagne Facial Client – November 2013

Student was very dedicated in learning she listened to my needs and executed proficiently. Great teacher/student relationship. Awesome experience. Thank you.
Amanda – Stacked Hair Cut Client – November 2013

Excellent massage and facial skills. For being a student the pressure and the skill level was magnificent. The flow went smoothly as well as transition between facial steps. A little more steam would have been good but other than that – it was perfect.
Linda – Peppermint Patty Facial – October 2013

Amanda gave an excellent massage. I was most uncomfortable today due to weather conditions. Amanda was sensitive to painful areas and applied gradual pressure as tolerated. By the end of the session I am feeling refreshed of much pain. Thanks for an intelligent session.
Justine – Massage Client – October 2013

Loved my hair & the service was amazing! The girls did a great job and were very friendly and helpful.
Laura – Color and Cut Client – October 2013

My first massage so I was nervous but she made it not at all awkward so now I feel like I would be comfortable to get another one.
Kristi – Massage Client – October 2013

I had Ms. Mandi and she did a great job on legs where my damage is. She also did sport massage. Thank you Mandi. The best I ever had.

Paul – Massage Client – October 2013

Terry is far beyond just being a junior, she takes control of your hair and feel she knows exactly what she is doing, like being in a professional salon!

Sharon – Hair Client – September 2013

I came in wanting a new style and leaving it up to the student. I love it. I will be back to see Marlene again.
Kelly – Cut, Style, Wax Client – September 2013

Ms. Debbie,
Thank you for you, your staff and your school. You all have made an impact on my life and I appreciate your time, your skills, your knowledge, your creativity, your organization and your passion for educating people like me, so we can go out and make a positive and constructive careee with skill s & education we received at your school. I love your school and your staff – Excellent job!
Linda – Esthetician Graduate – August 2013

Hair stylist very friendly. Teacher was very helpful. I truly had a great experience.
Shirley – Hair Client – August 2013

Loved it! First facial!
Mona – Grape Peel Facial Client – August 2013

I have had several student facials and this was one of my best. A great blend of relaxation and firmness. She will make a great esthetician.
Tracy – Cranberry Facial Client – August 2013
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