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Employment Outlook

Jobs will grow faster than average in Personal Service Careers

·        According to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, here is the growth expected through 2018.

·        Skincare (Esthetics)           51%

·        Cosmetologists                  31%

·        Nail Technicians                24%

·        Massage Therapists           20%

·        The Economic Research Institute states, “By 2015, a full-time cosmetologist is expected to earn $44,729.00”.

·        The salon and spa industry has an annual sales of nearly $40 billion dollars.

·        The Wall Street Journal has called the cosmetology industry recession proof as these jobs do not move out of the country. “You can’t send people to China or India for a haircut.”

·       US Department of Labor reports the median pay for a massage therapist is $34,900.00.  Pennsylvania reports the median income at $45,450.00.

·        Hairdressers reported making 42% of their Gross Income from tips…this supplemented a base salary that averaged $13.95/hour. This means, that on average, hairdressers in the survey made around $24.00/hour or $48,000.00/year. 

·        Estheticians reported an average base of $15/hour with an additional 22% in tips or an average of approximately $19.00/hour or $39,000.00/year.



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